Translational Medicine Research Institute of Nanjing Medical University

Founded in June, 2012, the Translational Medicine Research Institute of Nanjing Medical University (hereinafter abbreviated as the “TMRI”) started to build its academic research carrier entity from September 2016; in April 2017, RMRI was approved and inaugurated as the Jiangsu Institute of Translational Medicine; in June 2018, it became one of the founding units for Jiangsu Research Hospital Association; in July 2018, it founded the Nanjing Medical University Translational Medicine Co., Ltd.; in September 2018, it became an entity affiliated to the Technology Transfer Center of Nanjing Medical University. TMRI aims to consolidate the research resources inside and outside Nanjing Medical University, play out the advantages on disciplines, talents, scientific research and high-tech platforms, carry out two-way translation of research outcomes and bridge the bedside and lab, achieving the goal of promoting the integrated development of clinical and basic researches, boosting the integration of universities and research institutes, accelerating collaborative innovation and contributing to the transformation of achievements. TMRI works to improve both clinical and basic researches, thus laying a foundation for uplifting the disciplinary caliber, casting national level clinical medical research center and cultivating compound research and translation talents. In line with the operation mode of “specialization, marketization and corporatization”, TMRI built a service platform for the whole R&D industry chain integrating “administration, industry, education, research, investment, intermediary and trade”. And it also has, around the theme of “B to B”, given full play to the strength of the University and consolidated the winning resources. By now, TMRI has built a series of basic public service platforms such as patent translation and training platform, pilot test service platform, operation service platform and investment & financing service platform. Meanwhile, it also owns several featured translation research institutes including the clinical model specimen bank, cell therapy research institute and medical big data research center.  

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Address: 140 Hanzhong Road, Gulou District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province