Nanjing Medical University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) has 1 national key laboratory, 1 state-level international joint research center, 1 collaborative innovation center co-founded by the ministry and province, 29 ministry level or provincial key laboratories (engineering center and think tank), and 2 provincial collaborative innovation centers. In addition, the University is also the home to the only provincial health policy think bank (incubation) in Jiangsu Province-Institute of Healthy Jiangsu Development and home to the only translational medicine research institute in Jiangsu Province-Jiangsu Translational Medicine Research Institute.     

Entering the “13th Five-year Plan”, the University has seen continuous improvement in its scientific research level with its research project grants exceeding RMB 1 billion; in addition, the University has taken the lead in undertaking 9 national key R&D programs, 29 research projects, 58 key and major NSFC projects, 1,364 General Programs and Youth Science Foundation Projects, 7 NSSFC projects, and 15 Jiangsu Social Science Fund projects, and boasts 2 recipients of National Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, 10 recipients of National Funds for Excellent Young Scholars. The University also has 11 recipients of Jiangsu Provincial Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and 11 recipients of Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Young Scholars, 2 Jiangsu Higher Education Science & Technology Innovation Teams, and 1 Jiangsu Higher Education Philosophy & Social Science Innovation Teams.