Institute of Healthy Jiangsu Development

In July 2016, under the support and instruction of the Publicity Department of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Nanjing Medical University declared the establishment of the Institute of Healthy Jiangsu Development (hereinafter referred to as “the Institute”), which is a key think tank cultivated in Jiangsu Province, and is also the only think tank construction unit in the field of sanitation and health in Jiangsu Province.  

Led by Professor Wang Changqing, CPC Party Committee Secretary of Nanjing Medical University, the Institute conducts theoretical and policy researches on the practical problems in “Healthy Jiangsu” construction and partners with Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission, related departments, affiliated hospitals and sister universities of Nanjing Medical University, and relevant international organizations. Focusing on the construction and development of “Healthy Jiangsu” and “Healthy China”, the Institute carries out long-term follow-up research on a number of issues including people’s growing demand for health, industrialization, urbanization,  aging population, disease spectrum and lifestyle changes, in hope of providing policy-making consultation services and intelligent support for Jiangsu Province to constantly improve the capability regarding medical and health services, deepen the reform of medical and healthcare systems and mechanisms, further strengthen health education and promotion, cultivate people’s awareness about health and healthy lifestyle, accelerate the development of health services for the elderly people living in urban and rural areas, and develop the health service industry in an innovative way.   

The Institute adopts the director responsibility system under council management, and is structured with the council, academic committee and general office. The Institute sets up 8 research centers around the relevant issues of the “Healthy Jiangsu” construction, namely the Healthy Jiangsu Construction Theory Research Center, Health Service System Research Center, Health Industry Development Research Center, Health Security System Research Center, Health Culture and Communication Research Center, Healthy Jiangsu Big Data Center, Healthy Society Work Research Center and Hospital Management Research Institute, with a view to facilitating the research on the construction and development of Healthy Jiangsu, and advising the government on policy-making regarding hygiene and health.      

Aiming at promoting the high-quality development of Healthy Jiangsu, the Institute follows the “Healthy China 2030” strategy and the “Comprehensive Health” philosophy, focuses on prevention, medical treatment, environment, education and other health-related fields, conduct researches around such key and hot spot issues such as pension, recovery, psychology, physical education, nutrition, safety and health industry. Deep rooted in Jiangsu, it sends out impacts across China, docking into the demands of government and society and hence working to ensure the further improvement of the healthy level of urban and rural residents, and building a new Jiangsu that featuring strong economy, affluent people, beautiful environment and high-level social civilization.

Contact information

        Office telephone: 025-86868590, 025-86868591