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Currently being home for more than 500 students, Jiangning campus foreign students’ dormitory is looking forward to welcome and comfort the best years ahead in your life.

Excellent security, 24/7 front desk service, free electricity, free water supply, free central air conditioning, daily cleaning service, elevators, Laundry and kitchen facilities are the key factors that make every student love our dorm.

Although the rules have stated only 1st year students of MBBS course are compulsory to be residing in the dorm, more than 95% of students continue staying in the dorm until they graduate proving a higher level of satisfaction with respect to the facilities we provide for an affordable yearly charge.

Rooms and main facilities

Currently single rooms are not allowed for MBBS students. Furnished double rooms are charged 6000RMB per person for an year. Furniture include a refrigerator, a washbasin, a mirror plus two sets of following furniture- (single bed, table, little bench, wardrobe, single cupboard, cupboard with bookshelf)

Wifi and cable line internet facilities are also provided with an additional monthly charge.

Each floor contains a common kitchen and a complex of wash-rooms and toilets. Each kitchen is equipped with two microwave ovens and two induction cookers. Also there is a boiler for drinking hot water supply.

Other than these main facilities, two laundry areas, an activity room ( for parties and functions), and a small grocery is also situated in the ground floor of the buildings.

The international student affairs office is also located in the ground floor for the convenience of students.


When talking about the security, girls’ dormitory building and boys’ dormitory building are two separated buildings with separate access control systems.

24/7 surveillance camera system is fixed and recorded all entries, kitchens and common corridors. Dormitory management front desk and university security department monitor suspicious behaviours and stop unauthorized entries.

Undergraduate students who reside in the dorm are not allowed to go outside the dorm premises after 11.00p.m and late arrivals after 11.00 p.m. are also recorded.

All entry doors are controlled by electronic access control system connected with the campus card.


Serving more than 13000 students and staff, there are two main canteen complexes within Jiangning campus conveniently located close to the student dormitories.

The first to fourth canteens building

There are four dining halls situated in this building which provide a vast variety of dishes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. There are three mini supermarkets located in the first floor, where the students can buy their daily necessities ( like drinks, snacks, biscuits, etc ) without having to travel outside the campus. Also there are three cafes and a bakery on the second floor.

Dongyuan canteen building

There are two dining halls for students and one for teachers. In the second floor there is a halal canteen.

A mini supermarket and a cafe are also there in the 1st floor for the convenience of international students.

Apart from these main canteens there are several other facilities like bakeries, food courts, fruit stalls etc inside the campus.

Every teaching building has its own cafeteria to provide refreshments for students during intervals.