A highly interactive group of the department faculty is investigating the molecular mechanisms of brain injuries and neuropsychic disorders, including stroke, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and Alzheimer's disease to explore the potential drug targets. The faculty is also seeking to understand the procedure of neurogenesis and the functions of newborn neurons in these pathological conditions. Diverse animal disease models, behavior tests, cell and slice culture models have been developed for the pharmacological research. Besides, electrophysiology, morphology and molecular biology are integrated with pharmacology. Studies at the genetic level are examining a variety of genes that encode proteins whose function may be critical for understanding brain diseases mentioned above.
Another mission of the department is to provide a comprehensive solution in drug discovery and development. Based on basic and applied research and cross-fostering chemistry and biology, the structure-activity relationship of bioactive substances are being investigated, with the aim to discover new drug targets and find out new mechanisms of action of drugs. In addition, the department has been highly successful in attracting extramural research support for the past several years.