By engaging some domestic and international academic leaders and active researchers, and professors of Nanjing Medical University, School of Pharmacy has created a strong faculty group with high academic degree, plenty of teaching experience and strong scientific research ability.  Currently our school has 57 staff, including 40 teachers, 10 laboratory technicians, and 7 full-time administrative staff.  There are 14 professors and associate professors, among whom there are 4 PhD advisors and 14 master advisors. In addition, we have 12 secondary professors and associate professors.
The school is divided into three departments: Department of Pharmacy, Department of Chemistry and Department of Clinical Pharmacy.  We also have a Pharmaceutical comprehensive experimental teaching demonstration center of Jiangsu Province. There are five research centers, including: Gene Medicine Center of Jiangsu Province, Institute of Medicine Application, Pharmaceutical Analysis Center, Cerebrovascular Disease Laboratory, and Pharmaceutical Molecular Imprinting Technology Center (in preparation).  The subjects of the school cover chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical preparations, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology, clinical pharmacy and natural medicine.  The subject of pharmacology is the national key disciplines.  The subject of pharmacy (level I) is the provincial key disciplines. The subject of medicinal chemistry and drug analysis are key disciplines of our university.  The school has set up a post-doctoral research station of Pharmacy (level I), which is qualified to award degrees of PhD and Master in Pharmacy (level I).
Since the school was founded, it continues to grow and develop. The teaching management and quality of education has been improving.  We have excellent teaching and laboratory facilities. And we have great achievement in teaching, research, science and technology development and social services. Our school undertakes several national and provincial major research projects; the main scientific research published in the internationally renowned journals. Those researches have potential affection in domestic and international academic circles. We have constructed the framework of the school of research and teaching.   Since the establishment, our school used to be in charge of one of the National Natural Science Foundation of China , one of the "973" Project, one of the "863" Project, 2 of the National Key New Drug Creation, 19 of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Youth Fund, and 19 of provincial research projects.  More than 60 published articles are indexed by SCI. The landmark academic achievements were published in the journal "Nature Medicine" (2010; 16 (12) :1439-1443) "Treatment of cerebral ischemia by disrupting ischemia-induced interaction of nNOS with PSD-95 ".  Meanwhile, the faculty uses their knowledge to actively serve the community, and to make progress in the development of science and technology service.  Our school got 4 New Drug certificate.
After thoroughly studied and analyzed the trend of the international pharmaceutical education and pharmacy education in China, we set up Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy to admit 120 undergraduates each year. We give full play to the advantages of our university in the aspects of courses, textbook selection, faculty, teaching practice and graduation internship. We also emphasized that "we have more than others, we are better than others", especially in biology, basic medicine, clinical medicine, clinical therapeutics, clinical Pharmacology.  Our faculty is strong, fully embodies our principle of "serving for clinic, facing economic construction ".  Our model is transferring from chemistry to biomedicine. We believe that teaching and research can be good for each other, and knowledge and ability should be learned at the same time.
The overall objective of the school in “Twelfth five year plan” is to comprehensively raise the levels of discipline construction, student education, scientific research, technology development, and the scientific management, so that our school will become a distinctive and well-known school of pharmacy in China.
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