Department of Clinical Pharmacy was established in August 2009. It makes the School of Pharmacy and the First Affiliated Hospital Pharmacy as the main body, while relying on the Second Affiliated Hospital, Brain Hospital and other teaching base. The subject of Pharmacy is the first Key discipline of Jiangsu Province, an important part of Master degree granting of NJMU in Major of Pharmacy (level I). Currently we have 4 full-time professors and several secondary professors. All of those researchers consist of a strong group of teaching and research.  Our faculties are part of the editors of 8 textbooks and books for Licensed Pharmacist Examination. The research interests of our professors include metabolic kinetics of clinical medicine, cell analysis, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmacy administration.  We have also undertaken several research projects financed by National Nature Science Foundation of China.  We will continue to focus on reform of teaching, tracking advanced scientific research, and the joint of school and clinical practice.