The Department of Pharmacology of Nanjing Medical University is one of the earliest disciplines authorized to confer Master’s degrees (1981) and Doctor’s degrees (1986) in China. The department became a Key Discipline approved by National Ministry of Education. in 2007.
The department boasts a well-developed teaching and researching faculty. There are 6 professors and 2 associate professors, of whom all have overseas studying/ working experiences, 19 hold a doctorate, and 4 are doctoral supervisors. The department is responsible for teaching Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology to students of various specialties, accepting 12~15 graduate students and 4~6 Ph.D students every year.

Our research fields cover diverse areas, such as Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Neural Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Molecular Pharmacology and Tumor Pharmacology. Several of our researches have been standing in the advanced ranks or in the leading position, such as the researches on neurobiology of neural degeneration diseases, cellular signal transduction in cardiovascular diseases, the pathology and the neural protecting mechanisms of cerebral ischemia, new drug-target for treating ischemic disorders, and the regulation of nuclear receptors on drugs metabolism enzymes. We have won a national key grant for New Drugs and a national key grant for basic medicine, and lots of grant from National Natural Science Foundation, National Ministry of Education and Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province. More than 5 of our researches have earned commendations from the provincial government. In latest years, we have published more than 200 SCI papers, and posses more than 10 patents.