The education of preclinical medicine in Nanjing Medical University was started in 1934 and the preclinical medicine department was built in 1958. In 1994,the department was renamed into Basic Medical College.

The college consists of 16 departments, 2 teaching and research sections, and 1 national model center of laboratory teaching (Basic Medical Sciences). In addition to 2 national key discipline nurturing bases and 5 provincial key disciplines, there are 1 discipline and 10 majors with the authorization to grant doctor’s degree, 15 disciplines and majors to grant master’s degrees, and 1 postdoctoral station in the school. It also has 1 ministerial key laboratory, 1 key laboratory cosponsored by the Ministry of Health, and 9 provincial key laboratories and engineering research centers.

At present, there are 361 faculty and staff members, of whom 239 are teachers, including 58 professors, 46 associate professors, 47 PhD supervisors and 32 master’s supervisors. Among the faculty members, 182 hold a doctor’s degree (76.2%) and 220 hold a master’s degree (92.1%).

The School is responsible for the basic courses and fundamental courses for different majors of Nanjing Medical University, covering different programs, different majors and different levels. It offers over 100 courses, which amount to more than 50,000 class hours per year.

To achieve the goal of creating a new teaching mode of basic medical sciences and producing quality medical talents, the School attaches great importance to teaching and teaching reform. During the recent 5 years, 46 teaching reform programs have been undertaken, over 90 teaching papers published. There are 2 national teaching teams, and 3 national excellent subjects in our college. Besides, it boasts 1 national excellent course, 6 provincial excellent courses and 4 provincial excellent textbook. The School has 3 new programs for the following majors and specialties: Medicine and Judicial Identification, Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering.

In addition to teaching, the School encourages vigorous and rigorous scientific research. In recent 5 years, Basic Medical College has undertaken 266 research projects, including the national 10th Five-Year Plan projects, the “973 Program” projects, the “863 Program” projects and National Natural Science Foundation projects, and received research grant totaling over RMB ¥198,030,000. The faculty has published more than 1050 papers at home and abroad, among which 434 are SCI papers. Moreover, the School has won 7 Science and Technology Progress Awards of ministerial and provincial levels. One of its doctoral dissertations has won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award. So far the School has also obtained 31 national patents.

The School also attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation, and has established long-term cooperation relationship with colleges, universities and institutes in such countries and sections as U.S.A., Britain, Germany, France, Austria, Canada, Japan, Singapore and H.K. These efforts have not only built up the School’s international reputation but also helped to create a favorable environment internationally for its further development.
The School of Basic Medical Sciences was ranked No. 7 in the overall ranking in the nationwide discipline evaluation (basic medical sciences) of academic degree and graduate education carried out in 2012.

Address:Room 243 in NO.2 building,Nanjing Medical University,NO.140 of Hanzhong Road, Nanjing
Contact:Xia Yuqing