Department of Human Anatomy got the authorization of master’s degree grant in 1981 and doctoral degree grant in 2003 by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, PRC. In 2005, it was promoted to be the Jiangsu Provincial Key Discipline and National Key Discipline Nurturing Bases for Jiangsu Higher Institutions.

By now, the department has a faculty of 24, including 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 14 lecturers and 1 lab technician. There are 1 supervisor of doctoral candidates and 3 tutors of master students. Thirteen faculty members have received their doctor’s degree, and eight have the master's degree and three are doctoral candidates.

Our department undertakes a lot of teaching works every academic year and provides corresponding anatomic curriculums to seven-year educational system, undergraduate and graduate students, which consist of Systematic Anatomy, Topographic Anatomy, Sectional Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Clinical Anatomy, Human Structural Science, and so on. We have been putting so much efforts on the teaching reform for a long time that we have succeeded in developing “the Anatomic Learning Resource from the Website” and “the Intelligence System for On-line Anatomic Study and Examination”, and founded several large 24-hour experimental teaching labs and “Educational Centre for Medical Ethics”. This teaching and studying platform including software and hardware is of world-class level at present. In the past few years, we have edited more than ten textbooks or book chapters and CAI respectively. We have received two teaching research projects funded by Jiangsu Educational Department and China Department of Health correspondingly. In 2004, “Human Anatomy” was assessed as the provincial-level second-class excellent course; and in 2006, “Human Structural Science” as the provincial-level first-class elaborate course. Moreover, in 2010, “Human Anatomy, Histology and Embryology” received the “National Teaching Group” reward by the Ministry of Education. In addition, the department has been rewarded as the outstanding team in many activities such as “three aspects of cultivating people” and “civilization co-construction between teachers and students”. We have received more than 20 teaching prizes in school-level and provincial-level in recent several years.

Under the leadership of Professor Dengshun Miao, we mainly focus on mechanisms and therapeutics of aging and related diseases. In the recent three years, our faculties have got 15 National Natural Science Foundation Programs, 9 research programs funded by provincial and ministerial foundation committee or other sources. And more than 40 SCI research papers have been published on the international journals. We have been received the second or third prize of Science and Technology Award by Jiangsu Province respectively.

Director: Jiong Ding (MD, MS, Professor and supervisor of Master’s candidates)
Deputy Director: Ming Xiao (MD, PhD, Professor and supervisor of Master’s candidates)
        Yongjie Zhang (MD, PhD, lecturer )
Office Tel: 0086-25-86862879