Nanjing Medical University(NMU), as a key provincial university in Jiangsu Province,  has always been regarding the scientific and technological work as a top priority in the university career development over the years. Remarkable achievements have been made in promoting scientific and technological innovation, constructing scientific research bases, introducing innovative team and specialized talents, strengthening integration between industry, teaching and research, accelerating scientific and technological progress, as well as serving the local economic and social development, so as to make a contribution to the scientific and technological work of the university or even the whole province.

NMU, at present, has developed a complete powerfully-supplied science and technology system encompassing various disciplines and professions, with priority areas such as reproductive medicine, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, oncology, public health and disease control, regenerative medicine, and new drug research and development. With National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC) to indicate the level of basic scientific research, for example, NMU, through the efforts of all scientific and technological personnel, has obtained a more substantial increase in the number of funded projects (149 projects funded in 2010; 232 in 2012) and in the total amount of funding (48,670,000 RMB in 2010; 131,875,000 RMB in 2012), which ranked 4th in the colleges and universities of JiangsuProvince. Besides, a breakthrough has been made in theapplication of national major projects, with 10 key projects from NSFC, 3 from Outstanding Youth Fund, 3 from Project of National Great New Drug Research and Development, 3 from “973” Chief Project and the other 13 projects from 2010 to 2012.

The undertaking of high-outset high-level research work greatly heightens our university’s academic level and academic status. From 2010 to 2012, 70 provincial or National Science and Technology Awards have been awarded, and major breakthroughs have been made in the number and quality of SCI paper published by our staffs as the first corresponding authors, among whom, professor Zhu Dongya, Shen Hongbing, and Sha Jiahao published theirs papers on Nature Medicine and Nature Genetics. As for the number of SCI papers published, NMU has been listed among China’s top 100 national universities and top 15 medical disciplines.

The research base and platform construction is the cornerstone of the development of science and technology, which can enhance the scientific and technological level, academic status and comprehensive competitiveness of our university. At present, our university has 1 state key laboratory, and 18 provincial or province and ministry co-funded key laboratories and engineering centers. As a platform, they not only undertake the national high-level scientific research projects and accomplish scientific research achievements, but also cultivate many outstanding research teams and talents in various areas. These Technology Innovation Base resources play a remarkable radiating and leading role in scientific research, discipline construction, personnel training and economic and social services.