Women’s Health Teaching and Research Division of Nanjing maternity and child health care hospital began to undertake the clinical practice of speciality of maternity and child hygiene (undergraduate) and nursing (college and bachelor), and teach maternity health care in academy of continuing education in Nanjing medical university from 2001.
Under the leadership of women’s health teaching and research division, we acquired great achievement in teachers, teaching, scientific research and personnel training.
Our teaching and research section has a team of young and middle aged teaching staff with high quality of academic standards, excellent study atmosphere and rational construction. We are the key department of Nanjing maternity health care, also charge many scientific projects and continuing education courses, and have published about 100 pieces of papers.
At present, our teaching and research section actively participate in educational reform and innovation. Keeping in studying and forging ahead, our teaching staff make great efforts for medical talent training.