The Fourth School of Clinical Medicine
  • Overview

The Fourth School of Clinical Medicine, established in Jan. 2007, stems from the Division of Pediatrics that was brought into being in 1953 by then-called Jiangsu Medical College. The school contains: the Affiliated Brain Hospital, the Affiliated Nanjing Children’s Hospital, the Affiliated Maternal and Child Care Centre, the Affiliated Ophthalmic Hospital, the Affiliated Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital, the Affiliated Benq Hospital, the Affiliated Tumor Hospital, and the Pediatric Research Institution. In addition to Pediatrics, a provincial key discipline, Neurology, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Children’s Cardiothoracic Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology, Plastic Surgery are all disciplines with distinct characteristics. The Pediatric Research Institution is composed of two units: Child Care Research Centre and Infantile Renal Disease Research Centre. Study of child nutrition and infantile renal disease boasts a leading place nationwide. A school key lab of Ophthalmology -Optometry and Visual Science is also included.
The school has 32 divisions drawing 11 PhD’s Mentors and 173 Master’s Mentors, 29 of whom are professors, 95 are associate professors. One Pediatric Technical Training Centre and one Visual Science Teaching Lab have been set up. Pediatrics-Oriented Seven-Year-Program students and Ophthalmology-Optometry majors (BS) are enrolled.
Correspondence Address: Sun Min, 17th Floor, Xianzhi Building,140 Hanzhong Street, Nanjing