The division, as the only one of its category in Jiangsu, is also a doctoral station and the training centre for visiting students in orthodontics. It is the first discipline in this sphere in Jiangsu to be authorized to carry out National Adult Education Program. The director of the division is Chen Wenjing, a MD’s mentor and an associate-professor-titled chief physician. There are 17 teachers, including 1 professor-titled doctoral mentor, 5 associate-professor-titled M.D. mentors, 7 PhD. The division teaches Five-Year-Program and Seven-Year-Program undergraduates and graduates and PhDs, graduates from South Asia, students upgrading from junior college, visiting doctors and national adult-education students. In 2004, “Three-Dimensional and Multiply Assisted Oral teaching”, practiced by the division, won the second prize of Jiangsu Teaching Awarding. In the same year, the discipline was approved to be one of the first five national oral orthodontic physician training centers by China Oral Medicine Association, no more in Jiangsu. In 2007, it became the vice-chairman unit of China Orthodontics Association. Now, the division serves as an incubator for Jiangsu talents in oral orthodontics.