School of Stomatology of Nanjing Medical University, also know as the Affiliated Stomatolgy Hospital of Nanjing Medical Universtiy, or Jiangsu Province Stomatology Hospital, was established in 1974, stemming from the former Stomatology Department of Jiangsu New Medical College. The school, as the centre of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, medical prevention and training, employs an administering mode of “hospital, school, and research institute in one”.
The school covers an area of more than 15000 m², not including a to-be compound of more than 45000 m². The school gathers a staff of 500 containing 70% of the stomatology PhDs in Jiangsu. Among them, there are 80 or more senior professional-title-owners, and about 50 master & doctor mentors.  More than 20 experts hold concurrent posts, such as vice-chairman, executive director, vice director, standing member, in Chinese Medical Association or other organizations.
The school boasts the only preponderant discipline in stomatology in Jiangsu, the key discipline in the program of “invigorating medicine through science and education”, the centre for post-doctoral studies, and the authority to award the first-level discipline doctor’s degree of stomatology. In Jiangsu, more than 80% of the qualified doctors with bachelor’s degree of stomatolgy, deans, directors, and academic leaders have been coached here. Great importance has been attached to the practical teaching and the students’ innovative mindsets. The Jiangsu Stomatological Teaching & Experiment Centre with an advanced KAVO artificial-head lab has been erected. In recent years, the school has undertaken more than 200 scientific research programs of varying levels, with an outcome of about 1200 published papers, around 20 patents (including the National Invention Patents), and more than 50 awards (including the Second Award of National Scientific and Technological Progress). Oral Medicine and Oral Biomedicine, two core scientific and technological journals of China, are also sponsored by it.
Depending on its talents, scientific administration and expanding international cooperation, the School of Stomatology will try to transform itself into an internationally well-known, internally-renowned research and teaching school, living up to its motto “diligence and excellence”.
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