The Editorial Office of Journals of Nanjing Medical University is responsible for the publication of the following three Journals:the Journal of Biomedical Research, the Journal of Nanjing Medical University (Basic Sciences), and the Journal of Nanjing Medical University (Social Sciences). The Editorial Office is located in the second Building on the Wutai Campus of Nanjing Medical University and has eight editors, including seven scientific editors and one copy editor. Five of the editors have a PhD degree in Medicine, one of whom was specially invited from Duke University and serves as the executive editor of the Journal of Biomedical Research. The Editorial Office has been selected as a Distinguished Unit of Civilization at Nanjing Medical University, and the journals it publishes have been repeatedly selected as “Distinguished Journals in Jiangsu Province” by the Jiangsu Press and Publishing Bureau, the Science and Technology Commission of Jiangsu Province, and the Jiangsu Periodicals Association. In 2009, the Editorial Office was named the Vice chairman unit of the Jiangsu Society for Editors of Scientific and Technical Periodicals, and the resident office of the Committee of Medical Journals. It plays an important role in the development of journals in Jiangsu Province and in all of China.


Director of Editorial office: Dr. Jiangang Zou, M.D., Ph.D., professor, chief physician and doctoral supervisor. He is a current member of the Chinese Society of Cardio Electrophysiology and Pacing, a member of the Cardiac Pacing group, and vice director of Chinese CRT Team. He is also a standing member of the Collateral Disease Branch of the Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and vice-chairman of Collateral Disease Specialized Committee of Jiangsu Association of Chinese Medicine. He has won the title of Key Medical Talents and High-Level Talents of "Summit Talents of Six Main Fields" of Jiangsu Province. He was entitled one of the first Young/Middle-aged Scientific and Technical Leaders of Jiangsu Province and one of the first Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders of "Qinglan Project" of Higher Education Institutions. He was awarded "Chinese CRT outstanding achievement" in the year of 2010. He was in charge of 3 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China. More than 100 of his papers have been published in many academic journals both in and out of China (more than 20 papers accepted by SCI). He has won the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, and Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Jiangsu Province. He has presented several academic speeches in annual meeting of the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC). He majors in clinical EP and Pacing.

Vice Director of Editorial office:Mr. Zheng Tang, Senior Editor with 20 years’ experience in the Journals of Nanjing Medical University

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