Founded in 2006, the College of International Studies of Nanjing Medical University (NJMU) can be traced back to the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Section set up in 1934, when Nanjing Medical University was officially established. In 2001, the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Section was renamed the Department of Foreign Languages, which started to offer a 4-year English program in 2003.
The College of International Studies consists of 10 teaching and administrative units: Department of English, College English Department I, College English Department II, Department of Foreign Languages for Graduate Students, Department of Medical English, Editorial Office of Nanjing Medical University News, Foreign Language Center, Teaching Research Centre for METS, Foreign Language Training Center, and College Office.
The college has at present 54 staff members, of whom 12 are professors and associate professors. In recent years, encouraging achievements have been made in our best endeavors to carry out classroom instruction and extracurricular activities. Twelve teachers have won first, second or third prize in the university’s “Young Teacher Teaching Competition”. Eight teachers have won first or second prize Teaching Award of NJMU and five have been crowned the title of NJMU Outstanding Youth or Excellent Teacher at province or university level for their brilliant contribution in foreign language teaching and reforming. Many teaching and researching projects at provincial level have been conducted and more than one hundred papers on English teaching and researching have been published. Heartening progress in our teaching and educational work is also embodied in the supreme performance of our students in CET and TEM and the numerous awards they obtain in various kinds of English competitions, such as "CCTV Cup" National English Speaking Contest, "21st Century" National English Speaking Contest, and National English Contest for College Students. A favorable campus environment for English learning has been created in which the untiring efforts on the part of teachers and students are flowering and yielding abundant fruit.
The College of International Studies undertakes the teaching of foreign languages (including English, Japanese and French) to English majors and medical students of our university at various levels, and has formed its prominent characteristics of foreign language teaching and education in the context of a Chinese medical university. We are now forging ahead with a view to enhancing students' practical skills with foreign languages and the overall strength and position of Nanjing Medical University.