Department of Maternal,Child and Adolescent Health
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Department of Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health

Established in 1955, the department was authorized to offer master degree in 2003. There are 5 full-time teachers including 1 professor and 4 lecturers. It takes charge of 2 compulsory courses and 3 optional courses and offers them to four-year and five-year undergraduates. The faculty is active in scientific researches, focusing on maternal and child nutrition, infant feeding and metabolism, methodology and novel tools for dietary investigation, child growth and development, vision and behavioral development. There are 16 projects funded within 5 years, with total funds of about 5.56 million RMB, including one sub-project from the National High technology Research and Development (863) Program, four projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), two grants from international Foundations, two projects funded by Provincial Government, and 8 projects funded by other grants. At present, the department is directed by Prof. Zhixu Wang.


Director: Prof. WANG Zhixu