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"Nationally Renowned Doctor" and Professor, Jiang Zefei, Delivered a Lecture at Deshan Forum


On the afternoon of March 6th, the 59th session of the Deshan Forum, themed 'To Youth, To the Future - The Growth Path of Young Doctors', was held at the  Lecture Hall D201 of the Dexin Building on the Jiangning Campus. Professor Jiang Zefei, Vice Director of the Department of Oncology at the Fifth Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO), Chairman of the Breast Disease Branch of the Beijing Medical Association, and a nominee member of the Breast Cancer Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, was invited as the keynote speaker. The lecture was attended by  Secretary of the CPC Nanjing Medical University(NMU) Commitee Lan Qing,Deputy Secretary of the CPC NMU Committee and Vice President Xia Youbing, Vice President Yin Yongmei of the First Affiliated Hospital, heads from the the CPC NMU Commitee Office and the Student Affairs Department, as well as representatives from the Student Affairs Department, the Labor Union, and various schools. The lecture was presided over by Vice Secretary and Vice President Xia Youbing.

In his speech, Party Secretary Lan Qing emphasized that the 'Deshan Forum' serves as a unique brand for ideological and political education in the university and a vital platform for nurturing the spirit of medical humanities.The forum brings together academicians, moral models, famous doctors, and Role Models of the Times to share their experiences, exchange insights, delve into  the path to true medical practitioners, and engage in discussions on medical ethics with students. He encouraged faculty and students to listen attentively, ponder deeply, and uphold the values of 'people first, virtue foremost, skills essential, and integrity crucial'. They are urged to uphold medical ethics, hone their skills with compassion, show emphathy towards the suffering, and aspire to become exemplary doctors.



Professor Jiang Zefei provided insights into the development of breast cancer and current status  its diagnosis and treatment, focusing on scientific and disciplinary advancements, as well as  personal growth in his field. He also explored the role of artificial intelligence in the medicine through case studies and promoted the three-level prevention of breast cancer and effective self-examination methods. Professor Jiang inspired students to aim for excellence in their medical careers, urging them to strive for greatness and emphasizing the values.of patriotism, progress, and determination in pursuing their dreams as trailblazers in the evloving field of medicine..


In his summary, Deputy Secretary of the CPC NMU Committee and Vice President Xia Youbing highlighted Professor Jiang Zefei's engaging lecture, which was rich in content and had a clear theme, effectively delivering a captivating and diverse ideological and political discourse. He expressed his desire for both teachers and students to glean valuable insights for personal growth from the lecture, fostering a culture of mutual support and collaboration, pushing beyond disciplinary confines, blending knowledge across various fields, daring to push boundaries, venturing into uncharted territories, persistently pursuing new academic horizons, and setting fresh life objectives.

(Drafted by Jiang Han, Wang Dapeng; Photographs by He Dun; Reviewed by Lin Wei, Guan Yuanyuan; Translated by Zhang Chuanyu)