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2024 New Semester Work Conference Convened Successfully


On February 23, NMU held its 2024 new semester work conference at the Jiangning Campus. The event was attended by university leaders, cadres above assisting roles of divisions or equivalents, department heads, secretaries of Party branch committees, representatives from other political parties, teacher representatives, all counselors, ideological and political course teachers, as well as cadres above vice deans from Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, and Taizhou Medical Centers.

President Hu Zhibin delivered a report titled 'Embracing the Mission, Pursuing Excellence, and Crafting a New Chapter in the Course of 'Double First-Class' Construction' for the new semester. The report provided a comprehensive review of the  major development achievements and outstanding results of the university in 2023, analyzed existing shortcomings, and laid out specific plans for the primary tasks in 2024, particularly focusing on the objectives for the first half of the year. President Hu Zhibin emphasized that 2024 marks a year for the university to face new challenges, harness new opportunities for development, and strive for further accomplishments. Faced with historical opportunities and challenges of the times, all teachers, students, medical and healthcare workers must adhere to the leadership of the Party, take moral education as the foundation, focus on the construction of 'first-class disciplines,' 'first-class affiliated hospitals,' and 'first-class school conditions,' and use reform and innovation as driving forces, and take practical actions to promote the transformation of the results of thematic education into the effectiveness of school governance. It is necessary to comprehensively strengthen the leadership of the Party, effectively promote the project of moral education, and comprehensively promote the construction of 'double first-class.' It is necessary to steadily improve the quality of talent training and build a high-level team of faculty. It is necessary to accelerate the promotion of scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of achievements, fully promote the improvement of high-level clinical capabilities, extensively expand external exchanges and cooperation, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of administrative management, and strengthen service guarantee capabilities. Efforts will be concentrated on fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, enhancing undergraduate education quality, deepening top-tier faculty development, boosting organized research endeavors, realizing the objectives of the 14th Five-Year Plan, enhancing university governance, accelerating progress in the construction of the Changzhou campus, and organizing the 90th anniversary celebration of the founding of NMU. On the foundation of the aforementioned key objectives, there lies the imperative to strategize anew, rally collective efforts once more, and ascend further. It is through the resolute implementation of each grand blueprint into concrete educational practices that we endeavor to compose a novel chapter in the construction of our uniquely distinguished 'double first-class' medical university.

Party Secretary Lan Qing extended gratitude to all faculty, staff, and medical workers for their dedication throughout 2023. He highlighted the significance of this conference as the first meeting following mid-level cadre adjustments and as a crucial session for new semester planning. In response to unprecedented global changes and emerging demands in medical education, the university is tasked with addressing pivotal questions regarding education's role in national development, the mission of NMU in Jiangsu Province, the responsibilities of a first-class university, and the significance of being a top-tier university. Secretary Lan emphasized the urgency to expedite efforts in building a robust educational system, emphasizing the pivotal role of Party leadership, moral education, and institutional support in achieving high-quality education services. Throughout the entire university, unity and concerted efforts should be the consistent approach, grounded in practicality, with focus directed towards 'getting things done'. With a stance of charging forward, we should strive to create a vibrant new atmosphere; channeling our energy into 'being able to do things', fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of getting things done, and enhancing the cohesive force of unity and cooperation. Our aim should be fixed on 'accomplishing tasks', rigorously implementing and earnestly working, ensuring the effective implementation of key tasks, and contributing our efforts to the high-quality development of the university's endeavors.

(Drafted by Tian Tian and Guo Yuanjun; Photographs by He Dun; Reviewed by Wang Chunhui, Harvey Chao, and Yu Baolong; Translated by Zhang Chuanyu)