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Seven Disciplines of NMU Tops 1% in Latest ESI Rankings


Seven Disciplines of NMU Tops 1% in Latest ESI Rankings

Clarivate Analytics released on May 9th its latest ESI ranking. NMU ranked 650th  in the world (up by 37 compared with prior period) and 35th in mainland China in terms of its comprehensive competence.

Among all the 4161 disciplines in the top 1%, Clinical Medicine of NMU ranked 375th, entering the world top 400 for the first time and keeping its place within top 1%. Compared with prior period, this place was up by 32 places. Except for General Introduction to Social Sciences, other disciplines improved greatly: Pharmacology and Toxicology rose up by 21 ranks; Biology and Biochemistry by 37; Neuroscience and Behavior by 20; Molecular Biology and Genetics by 33 and Immunology by 17.


ESI (Essential Science Indicators) is teased out of database based on SCIE/SSCI of Web of Science. It assesses the scientific achievements and competence of the institutions among the world top 1% in 22 scientific fields. It functions a meaningful tool to evaluate the performance of institutions of higher learning, academic institutions, and countries or regions.

Reported by: Liu Xuanzhen

Reviewed by: Chen Yong

Photographs from the Internet

Translated by:Cao Yongke

Translation Reviewed by: Wei Miao