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NMU Holds Commencement & Degree Awarding Ceremony of 2019


The NMU Commencement and Degree Awarding Ceremony of 2019 was held in a gymnasium on June 30th, attended by the university leaders Wang Changqing, Shen Hongbing, Shi Jinlou, Wang Ruixin, Lu Xiang, Wang Lin, Li Jianqing, Ma Shuiqing, Zhao Jun, Xu Shan, Hu Zhibin and Ji Yong together with Shen Ruilin (a member of the Standing Committee of NMU Party Committee and head of the Department of Publicity), mid-level officials, teacher representatives from the university and affiliated hospitals, representatives of Logistic staff, alumni, graduates’ family members as well as all the graduates. Vice President Xu Shan hosted the event.

Prior to the commencement ceremony, a short film “Dream Chaser at NMU” that records the graduates’ blessings and memories was played on a big screen. Afterwards, university leaders and mentor representatives walked onto the stage, receiving gratitude-loaded flowers handed from the graduates.

Then the ceremony began as the solemn national anthem rang up.

President Shen Hongbing, Chairman of Degree Evaluation Committee, extended his congratulations and blessings to the 3,604 graduates. Recalling the graduates’ fantastic youth time on campus, President Shen encouraged them to act for the era, for the duty, and for the people. Graduates should catch this era’s impulse, shoulder their own duty, and eradicate the people’s sufferings.

Professor Yan Bin, teacher representative and a doctoral mentor from the School of Stomatology, encouraged the graduates to remember NMU motto of “pursuing excellence with erudition and reaching perfection with morality”, maintain the confidence of striving for the best and dedication to cultivating excellence as a habit. Embedding dreams deep in the hearts, graduates should shape themselves into pioneers and leaders along their life trajectory.

Mr. Zhao Hong, alumnal representative from batch of 1986 and CEO of Sci Clone Pharmaceuticals, expressed his gratitude to the alma mater and teachers. After sharing his sweat-scratching experience in making business, he encouraged the graduates to full-play their determination, courage, interest, opportunities and competence. 

After broadcasting a video of graduates donating a large LED display, Chen Zhiqiang, a doctoral graduate from the First Clinical Medical School majoring in Surgery, and Gabriella Wenda Prayogo, an overseas graduate from the School of International Education, delivered their speeches respectively, expressing their unwillingness to leave, gratitude to the alma mater, and confidence to illuminate their future.

During the ceremony, Party Secretary Wang Changqing and President Shen Hongbing conferred honorary certificates to “the most influential undergraduates in 2019”: Zheng Jianan from the School of Medical Imaging, Xu Bin from the First Clinical Medical School, Xu Wangting from the First Clinical Medical School and Zhao Ziping from the School of Public Health. Professor Wang and President Shen then awarded graduation certificates and letters of appointment to the 104 alumnal liaisons of the class of 2019. Secretary Wang also handed over the university flag to the graduate ready to work in Tibet.

The ceremony ended with the melody of the anthem of NMU. In the procedure of degree awarding, the graduates stepped onto the stage in proper order, and university leaders moved the tassels from the right side of the mortarboards to the left side, awarded certificates and had group photos taken.

Reported by: Department of Publicity of NMU Party Committee

Reviewed by: Shen Ruilin

Photographed by: He Dun

Translated by: Cao Yongke

Edited by: Zhang Donghui