The Delegation of Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government Conducts Panel Discussion on Foreign Affairs Management in NMU

On May 9th, Qian Wenhua, Director of Overseas Management Office of Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, visited NMU and conducted a panel discussion on 2019 foreign affairs management. Vice President Wang Lin and relevant leaders of School of International Education and Office of International Cooperation and Exchange attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Dr. Wang Hai, the Director of Office of International Cooperation and Exchange.

Vice President Wang Lin first reviewed the foreign affairs management of NMU in recent years, and introduced our achievements in serving the province, promoting the international cooperation and exchange of medical care, education and scientific research. Wang also briefed the implementation of administration of official overseas trips according to the relevant documents and approval policies of the central government and foreign affairs office. He pointed out that the concept of "There is nothing trivial about foreign affairs" runs through the entire process of foreign affairs management in our university, ensuring that the work is in line with the requirements of the central government and the province.

Director Qian Wenhua complimented NMU’s contribution to promoting the construction of “Belt and Road” in terms of actively cooperating with the medical aid team to Cambodia, building overseas internship hospitals and other medical and educational features. He explained the latest policies and document requirements, and highlighted the current situation of administration of official overseas trips. Director Qian clarified ideas for follow-up work by vividly analyzing the policies on university l-level visits, funding sources, annual overseas planning reports, and performance evaluation of visiting results.

At the meeting, the participants discussed and exchanged opinions with the director on the issue of the faculty members in the process of reporting, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions. Director Qian Wenhua answered relevant questions, especially introduced the approval policies of the permanent foreign teachers, cadres of party, government and discipline inspection, husband and wife groups, multi-person groups, etc.


The delegation also visited the Exhibition of the History of NMU before the meeting.

(Translator: Zhou Li   Proofreader: Liu Qian)