2019 Jinling International Symposium on Cancer Research is Successfully held by Nanjing Medical University

On May 8th, 2019 Jinling International Symposium on Cancer Research, hosted by Center for Global Health of Nanjing Medical University and Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Central Business District Construction Management Office, and co-organized by Collaborative Innovation Center for Cancer Personalized Medicine, China International Cooperation Center for Environment and Human Health, Jiangsu Key Lab of Cancer Biomarkers, Prevention and Treatment, Jiangsu Key Lab of Molecular and Translational Cancer Research, Nanjing International Healthcare Area and Berkeley-Nanjing Research, was held at Jiangning Campus. More than 80 scholars, teachers and students participated in the forum. Professor Jin Guangfu, Vice Dean of Public Health School chaired the opening ceremony. President Shen HongBing, and relevant personnels of Department of Science and Technology, Department of International Cooperation and Exchange and School of Public Health attended the forum.

At the opening ceremony, President Shen Hongbing delivered a welcome speech on behalf of NMU. He pointed out that this forum, with rich content and superb guests, was one of the series of activities to greet the 85th anniversary of NMU. The forum was held to promote the research level of related tumor diseases and the international academic exchange and cooperation.

The forum also invited many internationally renowned experts from abroad, including Professor Mina J. Bissel and Professor Antoine M. Snijders from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Professor Herbert Yu from University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Professor Jianjian Li from UC Davis, Professor Zengquan Yang from Karmanos Cancer Institute. They communicated with the participants and made academic reports on the latest achievements and progress in cancer development and prevention. Especially, President Shen Hongbing issued the certificate of honorary professor to Mina J. Bissell for her outstanding contribution to the international cooperation and exchange of NMU.

During the forum, the foreign experts went to the Nanjing International Health City and gave advice on the development of health industry of Jiangbei New Area.

(Translator: Zhou Li  Proofreader: Liu Qian)