International NMU

The International Conference of Rehab Week 2019


(Reported by Liu Bin from the School of Rehabilitation Medicine)

During the visit from June 24th to 28th, the group participated in the International Conference of Rehab Week 2019, at which we demonstrated the progress of stroke rehabilitation robots in recent years. The group visited the University of Toronto and held talks with the Assistant Vice-Chancellor of the University of Toronto, the Dean of the School of Applied Science and Engineering. We reached an intention to cooperate in scientific research, the establishment of an international joint laboratory, the training of young teachers and the exchange of students.

At the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, we exchanged views and discussed with Professor MilosPopovic, Director of the Institute, on research of new stroke rehabilitation robots, functional electrical stimulation, etc. The group visited the Holland Bloor view Children's Rehabilitation Hospital in the Netherlands, Canada's largest hospital for children's rehabilitation. We exchanged views on the internal planning of the hospital, the concept of rehabilitation of sick children and treatment methods, and expressed their willingness to strengthen cooperation between the two sides to promote the construction and development of children's rehabilitation in Nanjing and Jiangsu Province.

(Reported : Liu Bin, Proofreader: Liu Qian)