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The Official Visit to Norway


(Reported by Wang Xu from the School of Public Health)

I went to Norway to participate in the NeuroTox project of “Prenatal Pollutants Exposure and Neurodevelopment of Children” as a Chinese participant for the invitation of professor Heidi from the Norwegian institute of public health (NIPH). I left from Nanjing on May 19, 2019 and arrived in Oslo at the same day.

After arriving in Oslo, I visited Norway's national biobank and NIPH laboratory from 20th to 21st. Besides, I attended the meeting in the next two days. Professor Heidi and professor Gro introduced the specific implementation of the NeuroTox project, which recruited children with abnormal neurodevelopment as the research subjects to investigate the effects of prenatal metals and PFAS exposure on neurodevelopment of children. The Chinese side focused on the study of toxicological mechanism including in vivo and in vitro experiments. I discussed with participants detailly on the impact of prenatal pollutants exposure on the neurodevelopment of children. From 24th to 29th, I studied in NIPH and communicated with experts in toxicology, statistics, pediatrics and obstetrics. Finally, I left from Oslo on 30th.

As a global cooperation, the NeuroTox could keep academic exchanges of epidemiology and toxicology on prenatal exposure and neurodevelopment of children. I completed the task successfully. MeanwhileI learned more about the advanced technologies and methods in this field.   

 (ReportedWang XuProofreaderLiu Qian