International NMU

NMU Leader and the Delegation Visit US Universities and Research Institutions


Recently, President Shen Hongbing led a delegation to the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, the University of California San Francisco Cancer Center and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for scientific research cooperation and exchanges. Relevant personnel of the Science and Technology Department, the HR Department, the Institute of Translational Medicine and the Department of  International Cooperation and Exchange accompanied the visit.

At the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, the two sides held discussions on joint training of doctoral students, undergraduate students summer visits, and joint cancer research forum, reaching an intent to deepen cooperation. President Shen Hongbing also renewed the bilateral MoU with the center on behalf of NMU.

At the University of California, San Francisco Cancer Center, the two sides exchanged ideas and reached a cooperation intention on joint doctoral training, international curriculum cooperation, and translational medicine research.

At the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, President Shen Hongbing and Academician of the American Academy of Sciences, Professor Mina J. Bissell and her team, negotiated and reached further cooperation intentions on scientific research cooperation, translational medical research, postgraduate joint training, joint international forums, and the establishment of the Mina J. Bissell academician workstation in our NMU. The delegation also visited several international top laboratories.

In addition, President Shen Hongbing was also invited to participate in the activities of our overseas alumni association. On behalf of NMU, President Shen thanked the alumni of the overseas alumni association for their support and concern for the university development. He also hoped that the overseas alumni would be able to keep in touch with NMU and provide more assistance for the development of the university.

The visit has deepened the ties between our university and overseas high-level universities, research institutes and overseas alumni association. It also broadened the cooperation areas and cooperation channels while promoting our university.