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NMU Leaders Attend the “Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities" Standing Council Meeting and Sino-Russian Medical Forum


From November 5-9, 2018, Dr. Wang Changqing, Chancellor of NMU, was invited to attend the Standing Council Meeting of the Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities and the Sino-Russian Medical Forum in Yekaterinburg, the capital of Russia's Sverdlovsk region The conference was hosted by the Ural National Medical University. The leaders, experts and scholars from 53 Chinese and Russian medical colleges in the league established in the event. The head of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange was associated.

At the meeting, experts and scholars from China and Russia made special reports on medical digital education. The participating scholars conducted in-depth exchanges on the development and reform of medical education between China and Russia, and visited the Ural National Medical University.

Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities is a non-governmental organization co-sponsored by Harbin Medical University and the Russian Federation's It is also the largest and most widely-funded cooperative alliance established between universities which aims to bring together the resources of major medical universities In China and Russia, cultivated high-quality talents, promote Sino-Russian medical exchanges and scientific research cooperation, and accelerate new medical theories and new technologies. In the application of disease prevention and treatment, the level of disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and Rehabilitation Is brine improved, the health of the peoples of the two countries are guaranteed and the common development of the health care of the two countries is promoted.