Professor Wu Guanling Hailed as National Exemplar of Schistosomiasis Control

To commemorate the publication of Chairman Mao Zedong's epic poems Doing Away with Plague 60 years ago, and carry out the publicity activities themed Keeping the initial goal of schistosomiasis elimination, and building the dream of healthy China, in accordance with the instructions from the National Health Commission on schistosomiasis control publicity activities, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association sponsored an initiative of Searching for National Exemplars of Schistosomiasis Control. After local recommendations, audits and publicity, expert panel deliberations, and steering committee validation, the results were announced in an awarding ceremony held in Yujiang, Jiangxi Province on December 14, 2018. 7 late sages were selected as National Schistosomiasis Control Pioneers, and 41 late predecessors were recognized as National Schistosomiasis Control Pioneer Nominees. They were either the founders of research and practice of schistosomiasis control, or outstanding historical contributors to the study and practice of schistosomiasis control in China. 51 people were honored with the title of National Schistosomiasis Control Exemplars, and 272 people were awarded as Guardians of National Schistosomiasis Control .


In this activity, two late educators of NMU and renowned human parasitologists Professors Hong Shilyu and Zhao Weixian were recognized as National Schistosomiasis Control Pioneer Nominees. Professor Wu Guanling from the Department of Pathogen Biology was awarded the title of National Exemplar of Schistosomiasis Control. More detailed information can also been found on Guangming Online, the official website of Guangming Daily.


Reported and Photographed by: Department of Pathogen Biology, School of Basic Medical Sciences

Translated by: Zhang Donghui

Edited by: Zhang Donghui