Nanjing Medical University is an institution of higher learning with a glorious history and excellent traditions. As early as 1941, it became one of the first institutions in China to admit graduate students. It was also one of the first medical colleges in China to offer six-year medical education programs, and one of the first to be authorized to confer doctoral and master's degrees in China, as well.

Today the university is a modern medical education institution with a complete range of disciplines, a strong faculty, and first class research capacities. It has seven first-level discipline doctoral programs, eleven first-level discipline master's programs, and six postdoctoral research centers. Its degree programs cover seven disciplines – medicine, science, technology, management, law, education, and literature. The university has three state-level key disciplines and one key discipline for state-level cultivation. It also has one academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and one state key laboratory.

In the past eight decades, the university has cultivated a great number of medical and health care talents and made an enduring contribution to the health cause of humankind.

In the new century, the university aims to become one of the highest grade medical universities, with distinctive features and international fame; and it will strive to make even more outstanding contributions in medical education, research, service, and culture.