Institute of Medical Education

The Institute of Medical Education sees to conduct researches on undergraduate education, postgraduate education, continuing education and international education, reform and development planning, program design, teaching evaluation and quality control.

(1) Organize and conduct researches on higher education theories and school-based education and teaching. Following up the problems occurred in the development of Nanjing Medical University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”), follow up the development trends of universities from home and abroad, organize thematic study and researches, compose thematic reports, contribute consultation and policy suggestions to the leaders and relevant departments of the University, provide reference basis for education and teaching decision-making.

(2) Prepare development plans for such work as talent cultivation and education-teaching practice of the University, and supervise the preparation and implementation of such development plans in subordinate schools and colleges.

(3) Organize the application, evaluation, acceptance & appraisal and fund management regarding various education and teaching research projects at all levels; organize the application, evaluation and recommendation for teaching achievement awards, educational research awards, educational research advanced individuals and advanced groups at all levels.

(4) Serve as the secretariat of Jiangsu Higher Medical Education Research Association and the secretariat of the Nanjing Medical University Teaching Committee.

(5) Work to facilitate the teaching evaluation and professional certification conducted by the administrative bodies superior to the University.

(6) Organize the construction and operation of teaching quality assurance systems such as teaching evaluation and quality monitoring systems.

(7) Organize and implement the collection, reporting, analysis, notification and supervision of basic teaching status data.

(8) Organize the construction of medical education disciplines and international academic exchanges.

(9) Assist relevant departments of the University in organizing and implementing the educational reform and construction.

(10) Complete other tasks assigned by superior administrative bodies and the University, support other departments in properly handling the relevant work.








Institute of Medical Education, Director

Yu Rongbin

A105, Dexin Building



Institute of Medical Education, Deputy Director

Qian Wenyi

A108, Dexin   Building



Medical Education   Research Section, Chief

Huang Ruiyan

A101, Dexin   Building



Medical Education   Research Section, Chief

Liu Qingling

A101, Dexin   Building



Teaching Evaluation Center,Deputy Chief

Wang Yan

A101, Dexin   Building



Teaching   Evaluation Center

Huang Xinqu

A109, Dexin   Building