Alumni Services

The Service Hall of NMU Alumni Association adheres to the platform positioning of “perfecting the alumni work information network system, enhancing the cohesion and sense of belonging in alumni, and casting the alumni work atmosphere and love of NMU” to answer diversified needs from the alumni. Through the service hall platform, alumni can register and join alumni organizations, initiate or sign up for alumni activities, view the back-to-school guide and make appointments, and access various back-to-school services, etc. The Service Hall includes five modules: Real-name Authentication, Alumni Circle, Interactive Activities, NMU News, and Donations to Alma Mater.

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Local Alumni Association

There are NMU alumni organizations in all provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions in China, and also in overseas countries and regions where alumni are relatively concentrated. Local alumni associations are the home to local alumni. Thanks to the free-of-charge services of many alumni volunteers and the generous donations of alumni companies, the activities of the alumni associations in various regions have been increasingly enriched, servicing alumni in all aspects of their career and lives. Anniversary celebration parties, visits to elderly caring centers during the Chongyang Festival, and interactions among industry-based alumni sub-branches, along with other acclivities, have become the routinized activities of local alumni associations. Meanwhile, local alumni associations also mobilize relevant resources to provide strong support to the cooperation between the alma mater and local government, achievement transformation, enrollment, employment, and student practice.

Overseas Alumni Association held events in the United States in 2019

School Alumni Association

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The school alumni association is a branch of the NMU Alumni Association, focusing on contacting and serving the school alumni. It is an important bridge connecting alumni and alma mater and also a window and platform to attract the attention of alumni to the development of alma mater and promote them to give back to their alma mater. The responsibilities and functions of school alumni associations include: hosting various lectures, forums, salons and other branded events; organizing exchanges, networking and various cultural and sports activities based on the needs of alumni; assisting the personal and career development of alumni; integrating alumni resources to boost the development of the schools/departments and student education, etc.

For schools not yet established with an alumni association, alumni affair staff are arranged for contacting and servicing alumni.