Alumni Associations

I. About the NMU Alumni Association

Established on October 26, 2004, the Nanjing Medical University (NMU) Alumni Association was registered and approved by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. Under the care and support from all faculties, students, alumni and all walks of life, the Alumni Association passes on the great traditions of NMU, practices the NMU motto of “Pursue Excellence with Erudition, Reach Perfection with Morality”, adheres to the work tenet of “Serving Alumni, Alma Mater, and Society”, strengthens the bond between NMU and alumni at home and abroad, deepens the friendship of alumni, strives for development and continuous innovation. It offers critical support to the construction and development of NMU and the cultivation of outstanding medical talents.

On July 16, 2011, the Alumni Association joined the Alumni Research Branch of China Association Higher Education. Shen Hongbing, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), also the sitting President of NMU, is the Chairman of the 3rd Council and also the Legal Representative of Alumni Association. Currently, the Alumni Association has 1 overseas alumni branch, 4 overseas alumni branches, 7 alumni branches in other Chinese provinces, 8 local alumni branches in Jiangsu, 7 school-based alumni branches, and 2 fellow student associations.

II. Contact Alma Mater and Alumni Organizations

1. NMU Alumni Network

Portal website of NMU Alumni Association. It releases the latest news and information of alma mater, notices alumni-related announcements, conveys heart-warming alumni stories, opens up various forms of donation channels, facilitates the development of alma mater, accesses to the alumni bulletins and magazines... The NMU Alumni Network pledges to offer comprehensive services to all alumni!

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2. WeChat Official Account of NUM Alumni Association

Committed to telling the most touching stories of NUM alumni, the WeChat public account of NUM Alumni Association pushes to you the latest and most comprehensive news and information of alma mater and alumni association to you. The Alumni Service Hall connects NUM alumni all over the world, alumni circles, alumni activities, alumni services, alumni donations...What you need is what we have in mind.

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3. Alumni Publications

Nanjing Medical University Alumni, the yearly issuing journal, presents, with vivid pictures and texts, the latest developments of the alma mater, alumni association, foundation, and board of directors, carving all glorious, unforgettable moments of NMU into the shared time and memories of NMU.

School Situation Bulletin, a monthly journal, provides a bird view of monthly news from alma mater, offering the gallery of all great moments of the schools, departments, affiliated hospitals, and director units of the NMU.

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