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The Belt and Road Federation for Health Promotion

Nanjing Medical University

The exchange and cooperation in the field of medicine and healthcare is one of the powerful boosters to link China and abroad and build a community of human destiny. According to Prof. Wang Changqing, the President of the Belt and Road Federation for Health Promotion and Secretary of the Party Committee of Nanjing Medical University, the members of the Federation will carry out health education and health promotion research, promote research on important health issues and factors in each of their countries, and find strategies and measures to improve people's health and quality of life. They will take this opportunity to share resources and benefits, promote the internationalization of research results, cultivate high-level medical talents and improve health governance.

Nov 11, 2019, Founding Member

The Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities

Harbin Medical University,the 1st Moscow State Medical University of the Russian Federation

The Association of Sino-Russian Medical Universities’ was proposed by Yang Baofeng, President of Harbin Medical University and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and initiated by Harbin Medical University and the 1st Moscow State Medical University of the Russian Federation. It’s the largest and most extensive cooperation alliance between Russian and Chinese universities, joined by 92 high level medical universities from China and Russia. It’s a non-governmental organization voluntarily joined by the leading medical universities from  Russia and China, and it was created to enhance the consensus endorsed by the state leaders of Russia and China, as stated in the Joint Communiqué of the 18th Regular Meeting of the Prime Ministers of Russia and China, on strengthening bilateral relations, increasing students mutual exchange and stepping up cooperation in the field of medicine and health, medical care. It aims to pool the resources of key medical universities from China and Russia, train high-quality talents, promote medical exchanges and scientific research cooperation, accelerate applying new medical theories and technologies into disease prevention and treatment, and continuously improve the standard of disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.


The Belt and Road International Medical Education Alliance

China Medical University

BRIMEA is an international medical education alliance organization convened by China Medical University and initiated by 15 national medical education institutions from China, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and the Philippines. Based on the principles of voluntary membership, equality, cooperation and development, the BRIMEA will establish long-term mutually beneficial cooperative relationships among members, fully share the resources, knowledge and experience of alliance members, and cooperate in an interdisciplinary manner to carry out short-term and long-term medical and healthcare personnel training, discipline construction, scientific and technological innovation and social services. Members are also encouraged to establish long-term strategic partnerships to improve the quality and reputation of education, training, scientific research and social services, so as to achieve sustainable development of the alliance. Through a series of activities, the BRIMEA members are promoted to actively cooperate and explore to solve new problems and meet new needs arising in global healthcare education.

May 2018, Founding Member

International Collaboration Network of Medical Universities Jointly Built by Ministries and Provinces (M9 Collaboration Network)

Chongqing Medical University

M9 Collaboration Network” was proposed by Chongqing Medical University and co-sponsored by Capital Medical University, Tianjin Medical University, China Medical University, Harbin Medical University, Nanjing Medical University, Wenzhou Medical University, Anhui Medical University and Southern Medical University. It works to deepen international exchange and cooperation, cultivate medical talents with global competitiveness and promote the innovative development of medical education.

July 9, 2021, Founding Member

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet

the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research, OeAD-GmbH

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (EPU), an academic exchange system of universities and colleges, aims to establish contacts and scientific cooperation between general universities, polytechnic institutes and other research institutions in Europe and Asia, as well as among member institutions in East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and the Pacific. It has the support of the Bundesministerium fur Wissenschaft und Forschung, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research and the OeAD-GmbH. The EPU promotes multilateral scientific cooperation, connects research projects and provides faculty and student with exchange activities. Since its establishment in year 2000, EPU has successfully promoted multilateral scientific and technological cooperation and exchange among over 150 member institutions from many countries, including Austria, China, Mongolia, Korea, North Korea, Russia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Bhutan and India. Now, being the largest and principal academic network alliance in Europe, EPU has greatly facilitated the research exchange activities among member institutions through jointly organizing research centers, seminars, conferences, collaborative research grant programs for professors, doctoral and post-doctoral student exchange programs to Austria, along with summer schools and other forms.

October 2009, Member

South and Southeast Asia Medical Education and Service Alliance

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Kunming Medical University

In order to actively dock into and service the construction China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”, Yunnan-South Asia- ASEAN cooperation corridor, promoting exchanges among medical schools and healthcare institutions in China and ASEAN countries, building a multilateral cooperation platform in the region. Jointly founded by the Kunming Medical University and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, the “South and Southeast Asia Medical Education and Service Alliance” was well received by the universities and medical institutions in the related regions. Being the first regional international cooperation platform that organically integrating medical education with healthcare cooperation in China, the alliance will make great contributions to improve the quality of regional higher medical education and healthcare service.