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【Congratulations】 Findings of the Research Team Headed by Prof. Cui Yan and Associate Prof. Liu Kouying Included in the International Authoritative Standard —the Infusion Therapy SoP 8th Edition

As one of the most commonly used clinical treatments, infusion therapy benefits millions of people every day. Global Health Systems are committed to ensuring safe, effective, and comfortable infusion therapy. In order to standardize the practice of intravenous therapy, the Infusion Nursing Society (INS) has developed and written the Infusion Therapy SoP to advise medical professionals evidence-based infusion therapy that is updated every 5 years. The 8th edition of the INS SoP will be launched in 2021, and the research——Handgrip Exercise Reduces Peripherally-Inserted Central Catheter-Related Venous Thrombosis In Patients With Solid Cancers: a Randomized Controlled Trial published in 2018 by the team of Prof. Cui Yan and Associate Prof. Liu Kouying of our school, was included in the new standard section 7:  Complications from Vascular Approach.

Publication of Breakthrough Findings by Prof. Ji Yong’s Team in Top International Journal-Circulation

On June 8, 2021, the research team headed by Prof. Ji Yong, director of the Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Drugs in Jiangsu Province, School of Pharmacy, Nanjing Medical University, published on Circulation an article titled “Histidine triad nucleotide binding protein 1 attenuates cardiac hypertrophy via suppressing HomeoboxA5 expression”. The correspondent author of the paper is Prof. Ji Yong of Nanjing Medical University, and the joint correspondent authors include: Prof. Han Yi, from the Department of Geriatrics of Jiangsu Province Hospital; Associate Prof. Xie Liping from the Department of Pathophysiology of Nanjing Medical University School of Basic Medical Sciences. The first author is Dr. Zhang Yan, a lecturer from the Department of Pathophysiology of Nanjing Medical University School of Basic Medical Sciences.

As an important prodromal lesion of heart failure, Myocardial hypertrophy is not clearly illustrated on its pathogenesis and is hence poorly managed due to the limited clinical therapeutic options. HINT1, a kind of evolutionarily highly conserved protein that is ubiquitous in mammalian tissues, plays an important regulatory role in neuropsychiatric diseases as well as in tumors. Yet its role in cardiovascular diseases has not been reported. Professor Ji Yong's team found, for the first time, that HINT1 can delay the process of cardiac hypertrophy. HINT1 in cardiomyocytes can bind to PKCb1, inhibit the membrane translocation of PKCb1, down-regulate the phosphorylation level of PKCb1, inhibit the downstream MEK/ERK/YY1 signaling pathway, and thus restrain the expression of homologous cassette gene A5 (HOXA5) and its downstream TGF-b signaling pathway, and ultimately slow down the progression of myocardial hypertrophy. The study provides novel ideas and intervention targets for clinical treatment of myocardial hypertrophy.

The study received funding support from the National Key Research and Development Program, National Natural Science Foundation, Key Project of China’s Major Research Program, and the NSFC General Program, etc. We would like to express our sincere thanks!

Figure 1. Molecular Mechanism of HINT1 Regulating Myocardial Hypertrophy

Announcement of the Winners of 2021 8th International Language Competition

The preliminary rounds of the 2021 8th International Language Competition have been successfully completed. A total of 50 participants from NMU won the first and second prizes and participation awards. The winners are announced as follows:

 Ⅰ、Russian Group

First prize: Zhao Qinglan

 Ⅱ、French Group

Second prize: Liuwu Qianhui

 Ⅲ、English Group

Second prize: Cao Shun

  Participation awards (to 47 participants): Cai Silin, Zeng Ziyu, Dai Zhixiang, Dou Pingnan, Fan Pinchao, Fang Yuchen, Gao Han, Ge Yichen, Gu Yuxuan, Han Ke, Hu Dingmeng, Hua Na, Huang Tianhao, Huang Yayi, Huang Yisheng, Jiang Xiaoman, Jiang Yingyue, Jing Chuwei, Kong Xiangru, Li Kaiqi, Li Yuanhao, Liu Xiqiao, Liu Yifu, Liu Yuxi, Lu Yiyao, Mao Xuerui, Mei Xuejian, Pan Tian, Qi Hongyan, Shi Wen, Shi Anqi, Shi Zhiyuan. ShuYimei, Tian Wei, Wang Chumeng, Wang Jiayi, Wang Yanzhi, Xia Yunwei, Yang Mingyuan, Ye Xiaoxue, Yu Qiqin, Zhang Qiongwen, Zhang Weiai, Zhang Xiaonan, Zhang Xueying, Zhao Ruyi and Zhu Jing.

"Teaching.Learning.Developing" Phase 1 International Education Training Program Successfully Completed

Under the great support from the school, the "Teaching.Learning.Developing" Phase 1 International Education Training Program was launched in Jan 16, 2021. Successfully managing the challenging time zones of Britain, New Zealand and China, the larning activities of Session One concluded on Jan 23, 2021 after two weeks journey of online-offline hybrid mode and bilingual delivering.

With the philosophy of "Local solutions for local problems; using international expertise", the program is configured with  online English-speaking mentoring support from Prof. Ian Willis and Prof. Janet Strivens, medical education experts of University of Liverpool, UK. The project also got offline Chinese-speaking mentoring from Ms. Xu Jingjing, NMU 1st Affiliated Hospital and Ms. Tang Huiting, NMU School of Nursing. Before each class, the domestic and foreign mentors worked diligently as at team to prepare for the course, lecturing materials and the optimized coupling and balancing between the online lecturing and offline activities, laying a solid foundation for the implementation of the program.

Under the well-thought instructions by Ms. Xu and Ms. Tang, 18 nursing teaching cadres from the Jiangning affiliated hospitals and teaching hospitals carried out rich and intensive group learning activities and completed many training contents including teaching philosophy, communication skills, lecture design and group learning activity design through reflecting, discussing, summarizing, sharing and other learning activities.

Sparing time from their busy clinical work schedules, all 18 training participants passionately engaged and participated in discussing, summarizing and sharing of their experiences, completing all the learning tasks on time and with high quality. The dedication of the trainees was a critical factor in achieving the expected results of the training. During the two-weeks-long study, the participants gave high appraisal of the training contents and activities of the program, acknowledging it would improve teacher’s performance in philosophy and practice. The bilingual course delivering also further strengthened their confidence in undertaking the teaching tasks for international students.

Upon conclusion, all participants and mentors took group photos online. With the beaming smiles of all project participants, the  "Teaching.Learning.Developing" Phase 1 International Education Training Program was completed with great success.

The 2020 International Course Cutting-edge Technology in Cardiovascular Pharmacology Successfully Completed

International course Cutting-edge Technology in Cardiovascular Pharmacology, jointly organized by our school and the University of Manchester, UK, was successfully conducted from Dec 29, 2020 to Jan 6, 2021.

Challenged by the COVID-19, the international faculty team were not able to travel into China mainland. After coordination with multiple parties, this international course was finally launched. Chinese and foreign postgraduate students of NMU actively signed in for this course. Meanwhile, as a continuation of mutual education exchange and support between NMU and Wuhan University, this course was also opened to Wuhan University and was well received by its faculties and students. A total of 45 students received certificates of course completion.

This course is conducted by our school and the School of Biomedical Health at the University of Manchester. Prof. Chen Hongshan served as the course coordinator. Firstly offered back in 2017, the course had been well received by the participating students, faculties and supervisors for international courses, becoming one of the routinized international courses in our school. This is already the 4th time opening of this course.

Conflagrations|School of Rehabilitation Medicine Accredited by the Certification of World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT)

On January 19, the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) issued an announcement about awarding the highest level accreditation (valid for 7 year) to the 4-year-long rehabilitation major undergraduate education program of NMU School of Rehabilitation Medicine (occupational therapy)!

WFOT, the most authoritative international professional organization in occupational therapy, plays a vital role in promoting and leading the development of occupational therapy in rehabilitation medicine across the world. As for occupational therapy professional education, WFOT professional education accreditation standard is the highest. As the first university to participate in the internationalization project of rehabilitation therapy education in China, Nanjing Medical University started the diversion training of occupational therapy and physical therapy back in 2012, and submitted formal accreditation application to WFOT in 2020. NMU and the School of Rehabilitation Medicine gave high attention to the accreditation work, carefully studied and adopted powerful measures. All departments staged full support and cooperated as one team to meet the requirements of WFOT’s professional education accreditation standards. By the principle of “Standards-based, Problem-oriented, Continuously-improved”, through a comprehensive and objective sorting and steadfast rectification, the team worked to ensure the accreditation conducted in an orderly manner.

Receiving WFOT international professional accreditation means that our undergraduate occupational therapy teaching curriculum meets international standards for occupational therapist education. It builds a platform for our occupational therapy education to connect with international standards, so that students can have access to the international market. The school will seize this opportunity to comprehensively improve the quality of undergraduate rehabilitation education, give full play to the advantages of rehabilitation disciplines and stimulate the endogenous power of rehabilitation medicine; At the same time, it actively draws on the international advanced undergraduate education experience, explores a new model for the development of world-class China-featured rehabilitation occupational therapy, and cultivates occupational therapy professionals that are well-set in integrity and skills, dare to innovate and practice, and hold an international perspective.