Department of Science & Technology

Duties of the Division of Science and Technology

1. To organize the preparation and implementation of university science and technology development plan and annual work plan, as well as the drafting and implementation of scientific and technological work policies and regulations.
2. To organize the application of various projects and to supervise the implementation of these projects.
3. To undertakethe scientific and technological achievementreview, organization evaluation, and registration and application for awards and intellectual property protection.
4. To assist the Finance Department with the management of scientific research funding and research base construction funds.
5. To deal with the project application from key laboratories, research centers and other research bases, and to organize the relevant departments’ review, inspection, assessment and evaluation.
 6. To organize and coordinate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.
7. To assume the organization, liaison and coordination of the university academic exchange activities.
8. To undertake science and technology website construction and management, file archiving, and research statistics.
9. To assist academic community at all levels with organization and management.
10. To complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

Address: Room 204, Administration Building, Wutai Campus

Tel: 025-- 86862798 


Zhengdong Zhang   Director
Address:, Room 202 ,Administration Building, Wutai Campus
Tel:025-- 86862685
Jianqin He   Deputy director
Address: Room 204, Administration Building, Wutai Campus
Tel:025-- 86862798
Guofeng Yue   Deputy director
Address: Room 208, Administration Building, Wutai Campus
Tel:025-- 86862156