Our faculties are comprised of medical specialists at home and abroad. Our staffs are well experienced not only in clinical medicine but also in academic and research field. Our team consists of 9 consultant doctors (doctor in charge), 5 attending physicians, and 15 resident doctors. There are three independent wards, which are spacious and comfortable, and consist of 113 beds.
We can provide services in conservative management of ectopic pregnancy, peri-menopausal/ menopausal management, diagnosis and treatment of infertility/ sub-fertility, critical care of septic shock, hypo-volemic shock, and disseminated intra-vascular coagulation (DIC).
Oncology is one of our highlights; we emphasize screening protocol for early detection and treatment to achieve a better outcome and survival. The principles of contemporary oncology management focus on:
- Minimally invasive: on the basis of trans-vaginal and laparoscopic procedure for diagnosis and management, active interventional treatment is recommended.
- Personalized cancer treatment as well as patient & family centered care are provided for better life quality and outcome. We respect patients and families’ will, do our best to minimize trauma, and to preserve fertility as much as possible.
-Multi-modality treatment consists of surgery, adjuvant therapy such as chemotherapy and irradiation for better outcome.
- Palliative care and psychosocial support to provide a better quality of life.
Our highlights are:
- Micro-invasive surgeries include trans-vaginal, laparoscopic, hysteroscopy, and mini-laparotomy procedures.
-Pain control for postoperative pain and painless labor.
-Oncology management comprised of contemporary screening, staging, radical operation, and adjuvant therapy in combination.
-Obstetrics and complicated pregnancies need ante-partum, intra-partum, and postpartum monitoring and management.
-Contemporary obstetrical services include rooming in, home delivery (LDR), nature birth, painless labor, doula, and emotional support.
-Interventional radiology for obstetrics and gynecology services.