The First School of Clinical Medicine

In 2001, Nanjing Medical University became the first medical school to have rehabilitation therapy undergraduate enrollment. In 2005, the rehabilitation medicine research and teaching center was established, and then became the Jiangsu Province research and teaching demonstration center. After constant construction, the center now processes 1050 square meters area, 433 sets of apparatus and equipments valuing 6,910,000CNY. The center has assumed 116 laboratory projects and completed 30,000 experimental hours.
The department processes 7 professors and 7 vice professors who made certain accomplishments in various fields and serve in leadership position in major professional association of International, national and provincial level.
After the Sichuan Earthquake in May 12, 2008, the department deployed 20 personnel staff led by Professor Jianan Li to provide timely and constant rehabilitation relief in Sichuan disaster region. The graduate team guided by Professor Jianan Li won the 2010 group prize of moving momen in Nanjing Medical University.
After years of hard work, the rehabilitation medicine department of Nanjing Medical University has developed an advanced educational principle, comprehensive laboratory facility, scientific education system, rational structure of teachersoutstanding management and distinct feature.
Recent development
In 2007, “Rehabilitation Medicine” was cited as “Provincial IntensiveCourse”.
In 2008,“Rehabilitation Medicine”national textbook was listed as“Eleventh Five-Year” National Planned Textbook
In 2009,“Rehabilitation Medicine” became Jiangsu Province IntensiveCourse.
In 2009, rehabilitation therapy laboratory became central and local co-construction laboratory
In 2009, rehabilitation therapy laboratory became Jiangsu Province research and teaching demonstrate center.
In 2009, rehabilitation therapy major became the national specialized major development center.
In 2009,“Rehabilitation Medicine” edited by Jianan Li was selected as Jiangsu Province Intensive Textbook.
In 2011, the department helped College of Continuing Education to create Upgraded to Undergraduate Course in rehabilitation therapy.
In 2011, the department passed the Nanjing Medical Key discipline construction check, and graded as “Excellent” level.
In 2012, the department passed the research and teaching demonstrate center construction check of provincial level.
In 2012, the department won the second prize in the First national student practical skill competition in rehabilitation therapy major.