The First School of Clinical Medicine

The Department of Laboratory Medicine of Nanjing Medical University and the Department of Laboratory Medicine of Jiangsu Province Hospital were united formed ,which has been honored as National Key Clinical Laboratory Specialty Construction Unit, Key Laboratory for Laboratory Medicine of Jiangsu Province, Professional brand Specialties of Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu Province, Adult Higher Education Specialties of Colleges and Universities in Jiangsu Province, Secondary Discipline Doctor Degree Program of Nanjing Medical University and Characteristic & Preponderant Discipline Built by Central and Local Governments.
Our Department is the first one to begin master degree program of clinical laboratory diagnostics in Jiangsu Province in 1999, accepted its first medical laboratory specialty 5-year undergraduates in 2001, and established three-year education for the adult undergraduates in 2003 , and recruited Ph.D. students in 2005. Until 2013, the number of undergraduate students has exceeded 500.
Professor Shiyang Pan is the head of the department of Laboratory Medicine in Nanjing Medical University as well as the head of Department of Laboratory Medicine in Jiangsu Province Hospital. He is a famous and young expert in laboratory medicine. He is also a member of the standing boarder of the Chinese Laboratory Medicine Association, and the chairman of Jiangsu Laboratory Medicine Association. Furthermore, Prof. Pan is an editorial board member of “Chinese journal of laboratory medicine”, “Chinese journal of clinical physicians”, and “Molecular diagnosis and therapy”. He is also a reviewer of some international journals, such as “BMC Cancer” and “Critical care of medicine”
Prof. Pan is engaged in the research on early diagnosis of cancers and infectious diseases. He has established a lot of proceeding and outstanding techniques of molecular diagnostics successfully. Importantly, he has discovered a new specific tumor maker SP70, which is a potential biomarker to be applied as a target both in the diagnosis and biotherapy of lung cancers. In the research process about SP70, he further established numerous detection methods which targeted to SP70, for example, immunohistochemical, ELISA, circulating tumor cells detection and so on.
There are 2 doctoral tutors and 7 master's tutors in our department. And there are 8 professors, and 18 associate professors, and 20 lecturers. In addition, 8 staff have got doctoral degrees and 32 have got master's degrees.
In the past three years, Middle-aged and young teachers have awarded 23 research programs, including 7 items of National Natural Science Foundation Program. We have published 30 in SCI cited academic journals. We have applied for 5 items of national invention patents. We have undertaken 9 provincial and scholastic teaching reform projects, and published 11 papers about teaching. We have edited 12 books and awarded a prize of province excellent teaching materials.
The staff in our department are awarded a lot of prizes. One was awarded "national top ten outstanding youth leaders of laboratory medicine", one for "Yangtze river grand teaching prize ", one for “provincial excellent youth teacher", three for “excellent youth teachers of Nanjing Medical University", and one for “ten excellent youths of Jiangsu Province Hospital”. Moreover, one won the first prize in the teaching competition of young teachers of Nanjing Medical University, and one won the first prize of teaching achievements of Nanjing Medical University.