Health Information and Information System Department was established in 2008 April. The department is staffed with 4 teachers, whom are lecturers. Of the 4 teachers, all are Master’s degree holders. Most teachers in the department are under forty years old, constituting a united, dynamic, and creative teaching team.
The department undertakes many courses teaching of the undergraduates major in Health Information and Information System. The courses include “C programming”, “Software Engineering”, “Data structure”, “Hospital Information system”, “Information Analysis”, “Data Base Management”, “Operation System”. There is a health information laboratory belongs to this department.
The department of Health Information and Information System is committed to training to adapt to the needs of the construction of socialist modernization and enable students to master the basic theory and skills about the medicine and clinical medicine; modern management, information management, programming skills, software engineering and other basic theory and basic skills, have basic quality of programmer and have the capacity of engaging in information development and management for healthcare and hospital fields. The department is working toward the development of a larger goal.
The head of the department
Wan, Cheng