Kangda College, Nanjing Medical University, has been recruiting teachers of English since 2001, and in 2002 the Teaching and Research Group of English was established. The department undertakes College English teaching of the undergraduates of all majors in Grade 1 and Grade 2, and the Medical English teaching in Grade 3.
The department is staffed with 8 teachers, who are all lecturers. Of the 8 teachers, 6 are Master’s degree holders. All the teachers in the department are under thirty-five years old but have more than 8 years teaching experience, constituting a united, dynamic, and creative teaching team. Besides our own teaching staff, we also invite teachers from College of International Studies, Nanjing Medical University and some senior teachers from other universities to take on our teaching tasks.

Since its establishment, with the guidance and support of the college leaders and the hard work of all the staff, the Teaching and Research Group of English has developed rapidly and a skilled teaching team with fairly good teaching and research capacity has been formed.