Nanjing Medical University Kangda College is an independent college based on new system and new mode. It offers undergraduate study only. Kangda College was founded in 1999. With the permission of the ministry of education, Kangda College was set as an independent college in 2005.
Kangda’s majors are based on medicine. It contains Clinical Medicine, Medical Precaution, Medical Image, Pharmacology, Nursing and Public Management. All together, Kangda has 8 majors. And specifically, there are 14 minor majors. Among all these majors, Emergency Medicine and Health Education & Propaganda were unique throughout the whole nation when they were set. And some majors, like General Practice, Nursing English and Hygeian Information, are all playing pioneering roles in Jiangsu Province.
Kangda College dedicates to cultivate application-oriented innovative medical professionals. To achieve this goal, Kangda College devotes itself to imparting knowledge and educating students, enhancing their quality and improving their ability. During the past 13 years, Kangda College has trained and dispatched over five thousand quality graduates to the society. Mr. Wang Yue is a good example, who represented China to participate in the Russian project “Mars 500”. In the recent 3 years, our students’ graduating rate reaches 99% annually, bachelor degree granting rate reaches 83% and immediate employment rate reaches 93%.
Address: No.2 Building, Nanjing Medical University, 140 Hanzhong Road, Nanjing
Phone: 025-86663099
Fax: 025-86531460