There are 3 professors, 2 associate professorlecturers in our department. Among these teachers, half of them gained doctor degree. In our permanent staffs, one person was awarded the title of Program of Jiangsu Provincial 6th Session Talent Summit, and another was awarded the title of “333” project cross-century academic leaders of Jiangsu province. The department has the doctoral and master's degree authorization of pharmacy. Pharmaceutical analysis is the key disciplines of Nanjing Medical University. At present, there are 10 programs provied by the National Natural Science Foundation and the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province in our department. s and 4
Department director: Shuhu Du (Prof. Du)
Vice department director: Xuemin Zhou (Prof. Zhou)
Secretary of the Department: Hongliang Xin (Dr. Xin)
Tel. +86-25-86868476, 86868478