Director: Liu Weihong
Vice Director in Charge of Teaching Affairs: Fan Yuan
About Division: The division, established in 1974, started to take in graduates in 1996. In the same year, the division was approved as Jiangsu Key Discipline, Jiangsu Type Ⅱ Excellent Course, and Nanjing Medical University Type A Distinguished Course. In 2006, it was enlisted as Jiangsu Eleventh-Year-Plan Special Major and Key Discipline.
Faculty: a teaching staff of 60 including 13 professor-titled chief physicians, 15 associate-professor-titled vice chief physicians, 21 lecturer-titled physicians, and 11 TA-titled resident doctors. 11 of them are titled with doctor’s degree, 9 in PhD’s session, 33 with master’s degree, 2 in master’s session, and 5 with bachelor’s degree.
Curriculum Taught by Division
Students Taught by Division
Five-Year-Program undergraduates and Seven-Year-Program graduates, plus the students of Medical Cosmotology, graduates from Taiwang and South Asia, and the adults upgrading from junior college.
Teaching and Scientific Research

Constant importance is attached to experimental teaching. Reform is implemented relying on KAVO, computer network and digital evaluation system. 5 teaching awards at province level and 7 at school level have been attained.