National Experimental Teaching Lab of Preventive Medicine

National Experimental Teaching Lab of Preventive Medicine

The experimental center for teaching of preventive medicine was established in 1998. It was granted as the provincial experimental center in January, 2000, and as thefundamental curriculum teaching model experiments center in August, 2005 by Jiangsu Education Committee. The center was re-evaluated as a model center of Jiangsu Province in 2007. In 2009, the center was selected as the candidate for national experimental teaching lab in preventive medicine.

Currently, the center has 111 faculty and staff members with 24 professors and 27 associate professors. Some of them had been honored with the title of Changjiang Scholar, National Distinguished Young Scientist, National Excellent Teacher, the chief scientist of National “863” Program and National “973” Program, and National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Instructor, etc.

Multivariate Statistical Methods and their applications in Medical Researches, edited by Prof. Chen Feng, was selected as Excellent Graduate Course of Jiangsu Province.Comprehensive Experiment of Preventive Medicineedited by Prof. Zhou Jianwei was selected as Programming Teaching Materials of MOE and Collegiate Key Teaching Materials of Jiangsu Province during the 12th Five-Year Plan period.The program “The Innovation and Practice in personnel training mode of Public health and preventive medicine” won the Jiangsu Province Higher Education Teaching Achievement Prize in 2011. “Preliminary Trial on ‘Three in One’ Personnel Training Mode of Public Health & Preventive Medicine” won National Teaching Achievements Award. The micro-teaching of “The lady tasting tea and hypothesis testing” taught by Prof. Chen Feng won first prize in both the National and Jiangsu Provincial Micro-teaching competitions.

In the center there is an area of 1910 m2 for teaching, 3165 m2 for research, with 2361 instruments. The service is open for all schools. With the characteristics of advanced educational philosophy, well-equipped experimental facilities, reasonable teaching system and structure, first-class management, our center has become a pluralistic model center.


Director:  Prof. NI Chunhui