Key Laboratory of Modern Toxicology,Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory of Modern Toxicology of Ministry of Education (Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Applied Toxicology


The Key laboratory of modern toxicology of ministry of education was authorized in February 2008. It is the research base of national key discipline (Occupational and Environmental Health), provincial key discipline (Hygienic toxicology) and provincial dominant discipline (Public health and Preventive medicine), as well as a critical part of state key laboratory of reproductive medicine.Professor Xinru Wang is the director of the laboratory and professorJianwei Zhou,professor Hang Xiao, andprofessor Zhengdong Zhang are the associated directors of the laboratory. Academician Pingkai Ouyang is the chairman oflaboratory’sacademic committee. At present, there are 67 faculty and staff members in the laboratory, including 21 professors, 16 associate professors, 19 lecturers, 2 senior technicians, 9 technicians. The key laboratory covers an area more than 8000 square meters with four technique branches open to the faculty: the cellular and molecular toxicology research center, the SPF-level animal resources center, then environmental chemicals detection & analysis center and toxicological bioinformatics center.


Major Research Directions and Achievements:

There are five major research directions: Environmental Endocrine Disruptors & Human Reproductive Health, Toxic Genes & The Environment-Related Major Diseases, Safety Evaluation of Drugs and Pesticides and Key Technology, Health hazards of food sources and Control Measures and Toxicological Bioinformatics. Currently there are ongoing 228 national and provincial programs in the laboratory with the total funding reaching 162 million RMB. During the past five years, this laboratory has published 303 papers indexed by SCI, obtained 41 national invention patents and 8 Software copyrights. As a result, it has been honored with more than ten provincial and ministerial scientific research achievement awards.


Lab Information:

Director: Wang Xinru

Associate director: Zhou Jianwei, Xiao Hang, Zhang Zhengdong

Office director: Liu Qizhan

Secretary: Wu Wei



Mailing Address: 101 Longmian Avenue, Institute of Toxicology (Key Laboratory of Modern Toxicology, Ministry of Education, China), Nanjing Medical University