The Department of Social Medicine & Health Education

Department of Social Medicine and Health Education

The Department of Social Medicine & Health Education was established on Nov. 2008, originated from the Department of Social Medicine, which was set in 1999. Our faculties undertake the curriculum of Social Medicine, Health Education, Community Health Practice, and Community Medicine for all undergraduate students and MPH candidates. Our research fields include the evaluation of population health status, social determinants for health and interventions, community health services, health management strategies for chronic diseases, health policy, hospital management, and health education and promotion etc. A long-term and deep cooperation has been built with multiple universities, institutes, and hospitals. We have formed a multi disciplinary and multi-sectoral features.

The Department has a group consisting of young and middle-aged scholars who have for a long time engaged in health care services, health policy, health economy and health education research. Currently, there are 7 faculties, including 1 professor, 3 associate professors and 3 lecturers. Six of them have the Ph.D. degree. To achieve a sustainable development, we have set a target for the 13th “Five-year Plan”, including prioritizing the human resources, innovating educational models and transforming research findings to the society.

In the new era, we will focus on the training quality for medical students, expanding scientific research areas, and making contributions to improve population health status and empower health system.


Director: Prof. WANG Jianming

Secretary: Associate Prof. LU Hui