Department of Nutrition and Food Safety

Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene

Founded in 1999, the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene has been one of three major disciplines in the School of Public Health at Nanjing Medical University. The Department has master’s and doctorate programs which offer educational, research, and experiential opportunities for students. Faculty members are passionate in teaching, conducting researches and training students to be future professionals who are able to work to improve human health. At present, Professor Zhong Caiyun is the Director of the Department.

The department has 3 professors, all of whom are doctorate supervisors, 1 associate professor, 5 lecturers and 1 technician. Most of the teachers have researching, studying or visiting experiences in well-known colleges or research institutions. With their unremitting efforts, the department has established a comprehensive cultivation system which includes the development of PhD, MSC and MPH.

In the scientific area, the department focuses on dietary factors and cancer chemoprevention, pathogenesis and intervention of diabetes, and prevention of polluted food hazards. The department has strength in researching the preventive mechanisms of dietary factors against carcinogenesis of several cancers, including breast, lung, prostate and liver cancer. The carcinogenic effect of phytoestrogens on hormone-related cancers has been intensively evaluated as well. In addition, studies on community nutrition and requirement / RNI of vitamins are also ongoing.

Additionally, Nanjing Medical University Nutrition and Food Science and Technology Research Institution was set up in 1995 and approved to be an evaluation organization of dietary supplement functions and toxicological safety at the state level by Ministry of Health in 1996. Jiangsu Nutrition Association, attached to the department, has launched numerous academic exchanges and science popularization activities, creating wide social benefits. In recent years, the association has been awarded National Advanced and Excellent Team in Nutrition Science, Jiangsu 5-A Academic Association, Jiangsu Model Academic Association and other honors.

Director: Prof. ZHONG Caiyun

Associate Director: Prof. FENG Qing