Jiangsu Key Lab of Xenotransplantation was established in August 2012 with the support from Jiangsu Science and Technology Department. The key lab is based in Nanjing Medical University and its First and Second Affiliated Hospital. It is the first provincial key laboratory focus on xenotransplantation in China. The laboratory has over 4000 square meter lab space and a research pig farm which can accommodate 300 pigs and is equipped with operation room and nursery room. Besides, there is a world-class pig cloning lab and a GLP lab for islets isolation. The Liver Transplant Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Health directed by Academician Wang Xuehao and Professor Sun Beicheng in the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University is also the part of the key Lab.
The key lab has more than 30 full-time researchers. The key members were awarded "Jiangsu Innovation Team" in 2011. There are one academician, two “Thousand Talents Plan” experts, one NSFC’s National Outstanding Youth, and two Jiangsu distinguished professors in the lab.