Preparation for the establishment of State Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine (SKLRM), designated by Ministry of Science and Technology of China, officially started in 2011 at Nanjing Medical University. The SKLRM has undergone several phases of historic development that include Jiangsu provincial Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine (established in 1997), Key Laboratory of Human Reproductive Regulation and Risk Evaluation under Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province (established in 2004), and Key Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine under State Population and Family Planning Committee (established in 2008). There are a total of 98 faculty and staff members, including 48 professors, 19 associate professors, and 27 lecturers. Among them, there are one member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, three “China Thousand Talents Program” professor, one “Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholars Program” Professor, six awardees of China National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholar, three National Basic Research Program (“973” Program) projects chief scientists, three professors selected for “The New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talents Project”. In addition there are one Ministry of Education Changjiang Scholar Innovation Team, one Ministry of Education Teaching Team, two Jiangsu provincial Innovation teams, and one Jiangsu provincial outstanding scientific innovation team.